Hire Me


I am currently accepting writing, editing and speaking for hire. If you are interested in having me write for your publication, speak at your event, or are looking for a personal editor (in the areas of copyediting, line-by-line, or proofreading) I encourage you to contact me.

Please email me at ashley dot ormon at gmail dot com with the subject line “Request for Hire.” For your convenience, you can reach me via my contact tab too.

I work with students, beginning and seasoned writers and professionals. My goal is to serve you in becoming a better writer and produce content you and future readers will love.


How much do you charge for projects?

Pricing varies according to each project as all submissions received are different. Cost is discussed before the contracted project begins. I am open to working with you to fit your budget for all your editing needs.

Will we work only on an email basis?

While email will primarily be the way you and I will remain in touch, clients will be provided with my phone number. As deemed needed, I am available for video conferences if a client cannot schedule a meeting with me locally.

I am a student and would like my paper proofread. Do you do this?

Yes, my services are opened to students at a discounted rate for school-related projects.

I do not need exhaustive editing. I’m seeking someone to proofread my blog, or project for minor corrections. Do you accept this type of work?

Yes, please contact me.