Stop Holding On: It’s Hindering You

Our society has a huge problem to which, in some fashion, you’ve become a victim. I call it “the holding on syndrome” in where we all too often pride ourselves on “holding on.”

We’ve adopted the concept that in doing so, we will be stronger, wiser and better equipped for future trials. While this may have truth, holding on can also deprive us of strength needed to move on.

We hold on to

  • our past
  • our hurts
  • our missed opportunities
  • our broken dreams
  • our failures
  • our old feelings about something, or someone

when really, the wisest move isn’t holding on, but letting go.

Life gives us a one-size-fits-all backpack to carry our stuff. All of our stuff, that is, from our birth to our death. We don’t get extra backpacks when we want to carry extra things, and we most certainly do not get bigger ones. Therefore, when you carry unnecessary items such as hurts, regrets, and old feelings you crowd up your bag, leaving less room for wisdom, knowledge, joy, and peace.

As most women do, I have my “everyday” bag.  And because I carry it daily I have a tendency to put everything in it. However, I make sure every now and then to dump the entire bag upside down, throw out what I do not need, and put back in the necessities. I can’t tell you, too, how much lighter my bag gets when I go through this process. It makes my purse much easier to carry.

Fortunately, life grants us the same privilege. We’re permitted to turn our bag upside down, dump out its contents, and let go of what we don’t need. So if your bag is too heavy, stop a minute. Stop holding onto everything, and experience the freedom of letting go.


3 thoughts on “Stop Holding On: It’s Hindering You

  1. Hmmm. I empty my “bag” from time to time. But still have trouble discarding some of the things I really don’t need. Or find myself going through the “garbage” in search of those things I pitched out. I’m thankful God’s patience doesn’t run short with me.

    • I know, Brenda. We can be such hoarders. But just like we don’t go through our trash that we leave for the garbage truck, we mustn’t go through the trash we’ve thrown out to leave in our past.

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